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Graphical abstract of our paper Some days ago, our manuscript, Using a Structural Root System Model to Evaluate and Improve the Accuracy of Root Image Analysis Pipelines was published online in its final version. The road has been long to reach that point, but it was a very fruitful one. And it was, in my opinion, a perfect example of the utility of both preprints and peer-review. Let me explain. At the beginning, the paper was built around one simple idea: we can use structural plant models… More...

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Guillaume Lobet | 2016-12-22 | plant image analysis json api image dataset

In the last few weeks, I made some changes and additions to the website, and I thought it might be time to present all of them. Redesign First, the front page changed a little bit, with an easier navigation / selection of the different tools. Instead a requiring a re-loading of the page for every selection, the filtering is now done dynamically using Isotope. It is faster and more fluid than it used to be, without impacting the initial page load. Datasets Then, I… More...
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