About me

Guillaume did his PhD in Xavier Draye's lab, on water relations in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum. Already at that time his research combined plant physiology, image analysis, phenotyping and modelling. After the completion of his doctorate, he moved to Liege, to work with Claire Périlleux on carbon relations in the root system at the floral transition. Again, during that project, he combined experimental and modelling work. Guillaume was appointed as Assistant Professor in a joint position between the Forschungszentrum Jülich and the Université catholique de Louvain in 2016 to decrypt complex processes using whole plant models.


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Five last publications

archiDART v3.0, A new data analysis pipeline allowing the topological analysis of plant root systems | 2018 | Delory B, Li M, Topp C and Lobet G | F1000 Research | View paper

An evaluation of inexpensive methods for root image acquisition when using rhizotrons | 2017 | Mohamed A, Monnier Y, Mao Z, Lobet G, Maeght J-L, Ramel M, Stokes A | Plant Methods | View paper

Combining semi-automated image analysis techniques with machine learning algorithms to accelerate large scale genetic studies | 2017 | Atkinson J*, Lobet G*, Noll M, Meyer P, Griffiths M, Wells D | GigaScience | View paper

CRootBox: A Structural-Functional Modelling Framework For Root Systems | 2017 | Schnepf A, Leitner D, Landl M, Lobet G, Hieu Mai T, Morandage S, Sheng C, Zorner M, Vanderborght J, Vereecken H | biorxiv | View paper

Image analysis in plant sciences: Publish then Perish | 2017 | Lobet G | Trends in Plant Science | View paper

Five last presentations

Alternative plants, why we need models to understand the complexity of plants | 2017 | View presentation

How to deal with the complexity of plants: a modelling vision | 2016 | View presentation

plant-image-analysis.org: A platform referencing plant image analysis tools | 2016 | View presentation

Using structural models to validate and improve root image analysis pipelines | 2016 | View presentation

Introducing Root System Markup Language | 2015 | View presentation